1 may 2021

GOG: Juego de PC "Tonight We Riot", gratis

Activa el juego de ordenador "Tonight We Riot", gratis, en GOG: https://www.gog.com/game/tonight_we_riot

Tonight We Riot is a beat em up game released in 2020 by American studio Pixel Pushers Union 512, and published by Means Interactive, both worker cooperatives, and released for Windows, MacOS, Linux and the Nintendo Switch.

The game follows a player-controlled crowd of workers rather than a single character, each member with their own weapons, to fight against Pinkertons, militias, and police as they move their way through a level. Players can inspire more workers to join the crowd by liberating factories and encouraging more workers to join the fight. The game's difficulty is dynamic as it is tied in part due to the size of the mob, from being extremely difficult as a single worker to challenging or easy as the mob grows in size. The levels end in boss fights ranging from large vehicles operated by the police to the President of the fictional country the game takes place in.

Tonight We Riot started development around 2018, after Ted Anderson, one of the developers of Pixel Pushers Union 512, developed a smaller game called Radical Rebels which was nominated for the Gamer's Voice award at South by Southwest. Publishing partners were initially found with New Blood Interactive, who first showed the game off at PAX East in 2019. The game changed publishers to Means Interactive, another worker cooperative as a publisher, as it was "a better fit" for the game and game's message.

Bonus Stage gave the game a positive review, praising the gameplay, story, message, along with the game's sense of tongue in cheek humor. Wireframe also gave the game a positive review, praising the game's crowd control mechanics and that Pixel Pushers live true to their ethos, but criticized the game's short length and difficulty level. Indie game storefront Itch.io featured Tonight We Riot on their "Games of the Month" list for May 2020. Neo-conservative magazine National Review praised Tonight We Riot's gameplay mechanics describing them as "innovative", but overall gave the game a negative review due to the game's length and the shared socialist ideology of the developer and publisher, claiming that due to that they should not sell the game on the Nintendo eShop and Steam.

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